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What Are Trump’s Chances Of Winning The Election? Check Out!

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What Are Trump’s Chances Of Winning The Election? Check Out!: The 2020 re-elections are not very far away. The question that pops up whenever we think about this is- Will Trump win again? The electorate has changed a great deal after 2016, and this will be a significant factor in determining the above question. What are the odds in favour of Trump coming into power again? Let’s see!

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What Are Trump’s Chances Of Winning The Election? Check Out!

They took the survey was taken which shows that Joe Biden will support by 47% of the people who had voted Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in 2016, while 20% of people will vote for Trump or some other third-party. When compared to 2016, we can see that there has been a decrease in the number of people who support third parties. Joe Biden, the former president, has 2:1 lead over Trump among the people who voted for Stein and Johnson in 2016 elections.

2020 Election Manifesto!

The fate of the 2020 elections is heavily dependent on three states named Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In 2016, Hillary Clinton lost in all these states with a large margin. The voters of these three states must vote for Biden. Still, we don’t know much about the behaviour of the third party voters.

According to aΒ Military Times survey, Binden is ahead of Trump among the active-duty troops. Only 37% support Trump whereas 41% support Biden. The poll also suggested that around 74% of the officers did not like the idea of troops handling anti-racism protests.

Trump Needs A Strategy!

Trump has mostly got white supporters with no college degrees who share less electorate now than in 2016. It has led to a reduction of voters from 49% in 2016 to 41% in 2020. Trump has a lot of pressure on himself right now.

With nine months left for the election, he needs a strategy to win among white voters without college degrees. He also needs to increase the voter turnout on issues that pleases these people in the three states.

Trump may not come in power if officers show their dissatisfaction with him or simply because enough third party voters vote for Biden in the three states.

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