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What did 6ix9ine say about Physically Abusing Her Child’s Mother? 6ix9ine’s first interview since release.

6ix9ine, the famous American rapper, was recently accused of physical abuse to Sara Molina. Sara is the rapper’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child.

The star was already facing serious jail time in his federal racketeering case. He was now found at the centre of serious allegations of physical abuse.

Sara and 6ix9nine dated for seven long years and had a kid together. Both confirmed their split in 2018, after dating for seven years. According to the reports, the American rapper used to hit and abuse her girlfriend that lead to their split in the first place.

The ugly side of 6ix9ine.

Recently during an in-depth interview with 6ix9ine. Sara Molina, the mother of the rapper’s daughter, shared a much of incidents. She gave details about her fights and how the rapper used to treat her. Sara recalls one incident in particular where she was physically beaten to the point she was bleeding for hours and troubled to open her eyes. She says the alleged physical abuse took place during an October 2018 trip to Dubai.


Sara, in the same interview, says the rapper used to punch her on the face. He had once beaten her for 2 hours straight, and it scared her more than anything. She had spent hours on the bed bleeding and failing to open her eyes after what 6ix9ine used to do.

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6ix9ine admits to having domestic disputes at another level with an ex-girlfriend. He admits to everything he did wrong in the interview. The rapper said, “We did have physical fights. I admitted to all that.” He addresses the problem by saying his daughter is not dumb, and when she grows up and learns that her father used to beat her mother. She might hate her own dad. He further says he regularly meets her daughter and provide her with everything. He says he regrets what he did and have apologized for it.

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