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What did Kayleigh McEnany say in her speech about Donald Trump that got everyone talking.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is the voice of the U.S. President Donald Trump administration. But that is not alone that caused her trouble this time. During her speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, she took the opportunity to share a story with the audience of her own. The story that she shared surprised everyone.

Kayleigh McEnany: The story of Kayleigh life.

Her story begins as she says ‘when I was 21-year-old I got a call that changed my life. The call was from my doctor, and he said I have tested positive for BRCAII that put me in a risk that can cause me breast cancer. According to my doctors,  the chances I could get breast cancer was 84%. She then shares it was the same mutation from which her mother had suffered for several years. Kayleigh shared that family alone had eight women who suffered from breast cancer.

Kayleigh McEnany
Kayleigh McEnany

McEnany went on to reveal that for a decade after the diagnosis with breast cancer. She decided to do the same routines as her mother. She then says during the visits; she crossed path with brave women who suffered from the same but never gave up. They had the courage to fought with the diseases; they are America’s heroes. After years of undergoing this treatment today, she says she no longer fears the possibility that breast cancer might occur.

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After that, what she shared surprised people even more. Kayleigh says one of the first people who called for help during her diagnosis was Ivanka trump. Even Donald Trump called her many times to ask she needs any help. And she was pleased to know that she has a leader who can help her in her bad times. People might have always thought I’ll about Trump, but he isn’t necessarily a bad human after all.

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