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What Made People Love Penny In The Big Bang Theory? Kaley Cuoco Knows It!

Kaley Cuoco
Source: Insider

Kaley Cuoco Reveals The Reason Why People Loved Penny In The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco has become a household personality now. However, people know her more as Penny than her original name. With her character Penny from the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory, she was able to connect with people on a large scale. Penny was probably the only relatable character as others were doctors in the field of science. Kaley feels this relatable nature is why people loved her and supported her character. She said:

β€œShe represented the audience. She has big aspirations and loved the guys.”

Kaley Cuoco
Source: Insider

Kaley Cuoco Feels Audience Was With Penny From Day One

Kaley thinks that since people related to her character, the audience was with her from the first episode. Moreover, she feels her name has all the loving traits and did not judge the guys for being geeks. Instead of making fun of them, Penny enjoyed their company and friendship. Kaley said:

β€œViewers were on her side from day one because she was always kind. She laughed with them, not at them. She was always part of the group.”

The Big Bang Theory came to an end after 12 long seasons.

Kaley Cuoco Working On Mini-Series Flight Attendant

You might never be able to see Kaley as Penny as the sitcom is done and dusted. The stars are moving on to the next project, and Kaley is no exception. Kaley will be in the mini-series Flight Attendant, and she is also executive producing it.

Kaley Cuoco
Source: Insider

Kaley Cuoco Reveals Getting A Head Injury Ahead Of Flight Attendant Shoot

The team of Flight Attendant recently resumed the production work, and Kaley revealed that she got a head injury a day before the shoot. She said:

β€œI hit my head in the shower, I got super scared. I was walking down and I lifted up and hit my head on the handle of the door. I iced it because I was so scared I was going to get a huge welt for work tomorrow.”

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