What Makes Concrete Driveways A Better Option At Home?

For most households, the driveway plays an essential role in the house. It serves as the path that you can use for guiding any vehicle that comes out of the garage or the parking lot. But aside from its practical uses, some homeowners would want to make their driveways look good to add more aesthetics to their property. They would make sure that the driveway is adequately maintained and stable to achieve their goals in beautifying this part of the home. One best way to reach this goal is to have the driveway cemented in concrete. Aside from having a smoother path, concrete driveways can give plenty of advantages in a residential property. 

Here are the primary benefits of having a concrete driveway at home. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Some homeowners choose to have a driveway covered in asphalt because of its low upfront cost. However, maintaining this type of driveway can get more expensive in the long run since they need to seal-coat the asphalt once every two years or so since the liquid binder may crack or disintegrate when exposed to extreme elements. Those with a concrete driveway do not need to endure this problem since their driveway can last longer. 

Generally, concrete driveways can last approximately 50 to 60% longer than asphalt concretes. Because of this, the lower maintenance cost can outweigh the higher upfront cost of having a concrete driveway. 

Milder Reaction To Heat And Light

Asphalt driveways can absorb the heat from direct sunlight. It could make the property hotter compared to areas in the vicinity of the area. Meanwhile, concrete driveways can make the property cooler since they can absorb a lesser amount of ultraviolet radiation compared to asphalt. It can be a great advantage during the sweltering months of summer, especially in places where the temperature reaches high levels during the hotter seasons. Also, the usual concrete can reflect light. It will be useful if the homeowner wants to lessen the lighting fixtures in the driveway. As a result, they can reduce energy consumption and cut down on the electricity bill significantly. 

Concrete Driveways

Characteristics Of The Surface

When installing an asphalt driveway for the first time, it gives off evaporative oils that can seep into the soles of the shoes. It increases the chances of transferring that oily, sticky material inside the house, or the vehicle. This material is challenging to clean and can emit a strong fume that can last for a while. But if the homeowners choose to have a concrete driveway, they do not have to deal with this type of problem.  

Resale Value 

If you intend to put your property in the real estate market in the future, having a concrete driveway could be your best option. Some homebuyers prefer a property that comes with a concrete driveway since it is easier to maintain and looks better compared to a driveway with asphalt. You can also use it to increase your property value since concrete driveways can be aesthetically pleasing.  

Most importantly, having a concrete driveway can provide obvious curb appeal for any property. Homeowners can choose to have the usual light grey surface for their driveway to match any property exterior. However, they can also want to ask their builders to make a driveway with creative design patterns or incorporate exterior colours that suit well with the colour scheme of the home—because of this, having concrete driveways could be a great advantage for any home.

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