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WhatsApp And GBWhatsApp On One Phone. How Is It Possible?

WhatsApp And GBWhatsApp
WhatsApp And GBWhatsApp

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp And GBWhatsApp WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging app across the globe. Many people use this app to share because it involves a phone number. Generally, people give their mobile number to only trusted people, whom they can believe. Also, sometimes there will be a message from Unknown persons so that it should be blocked. As per sources, there are 600 million active users of WhatsApp across the globe.

This best messaging app can be downloaded from google play store for free of cost. Recently, Facebook bought WhatsApp and added some more features. However, WhatsApp has many features before, but not like video calling in a group and many more. But, WhatsApp is not for those people who want some privacy about their details. Users cannot customize the app as per their references.

GBWhatsApp Details

WhatsApp And GBWhatsApp
WhatsApp And GBWhatsApp

So, GBWhatsApp is the solution for many of the user’s problems. It was invented by Has.007, who is a senior XDA member. In GBWhatsApp users can change their appearances and features to be like WhatsApp. Millions of people are preferring GBWhatsApp, which are not available in official WhatsApp. But, as per some of the rumors, that GBWhatsApp is not safe to use.

How To Get Both The Apps?

As per sources, some people say that users can use both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp in one device. Initially, the user should install WhatsApp from the play store. They, the user should make sure to run the app with their mobile number. On the other side, install GBWhatsApp from Apk, by pressing the two green buttons which are provided.

Once the downloading was completed, a popup message will come, which is the direct way to open the app. After clicking the install option and then accepting the terms and conditions after opening the App. Like in the Official WhatsApp, enter the mobile number and then proceed for the verification. Thus, the user can have both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on one mobile.

But, the major problem in GB WhatsApp is files that are downloaded will not backup to their google drive. Also, GBWhatsApp is not updated automatically to the latest version of the App. Some of the features were users can save the status, hide their last seen, and many more.

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