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WhatsApp: Latest Beta Version Gives Us Advanced Search, Password-Protected Backup And Automatic Download Rules!

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WhatsApp Brings Advanced Search Messages Feature:

WhatsApp is going to add a beta version for Android. This version brings in changes and new features. The update gives us a glimpse at an upcoming Advanced Search feature. This search feature will enable users to find any type of media quickly.

A New Backup Feature:

A new Protect Backup feature is also under development. This feature seems to offers another advance security to your Google Drive backup. WhatsApp is also trying to put forward additional auto-download rules.

These rules will bar frequently forwarded images, videos, documents, and voice messages. They also help to prevent the download of the data automatically.

Beta For Android:


Apart from this, the latest beta version includes details of an Advanced Search Messages feature. It will allow finding any type of media easily. Users will be able to search for pictures, audios, GIFs, videos, and documents using this latest search feature easily.

This feature is still under development. It may not be seen even if you’re on the latest version. This feature is observed in WhatsApp v2.20.30.25 for iPhone last year. However, now it’s being tested on Android as well.

Password Protect Backups:

As per the Protect Backup feature, this feature is also still under development. The update brings the field where we need to paste the password. Earlier, this feature is seen in WhatsApp v2.20.66 beta for Android.

For those who are unaware, the feature enables users to protect their chat backups with a password. It essentially acts as an extra layer of security. WABetaInfo notes that the password will not save in WhatsApp or Facebook servers.

Privacy And Protection:

So if you lose the password, you cannot recover your chat history from the backup. However, you may not see this feature even if you are on the latest beta, as it is not being enabled yet.

Auto-Download Feature:


WhatsApp is also looking towards a different auto-download rule. It will enable by default in one of the future updates. As per this, frequently forwarding images, videos, documents and messages will never download automatically from WhatsApp.

Currently, users get the option to keep auto-downloads on for select media. For temporary being, you can keep it on for documents, videos, or photos. But for the selected media types, it will automatically download on your device. However, in a future update, it will change. The new rule will apply to it.

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