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Wheel Of Fortune Jackpot Thursday Was A Bit More Heartwarming Than Usual As More Than $56,000 In Prizes!

Wheel Of Fortune's Jackpot
Wheel Of Fortune's Jackpot

The last jackpot Thursday of the show β€˜Wheel of Fortune’ was an overwhelming episode for the audience. As contestant Arzo Mehdavi won the prize of $56,000 and also received a surprise virtual visit from Vanna White.Β 

Arzo Mehdavi is an emergency room nurse in Hayward, California. She is working on the frontline to fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the US.

Arzo Remember The Shooting

Wheel Of Fortune's Jackpot
Wheel Of Fortune’s Jackpot

Arzo recalled that she has been preparing for the wheel since she was a little girl. When she got the chance she was excited. It’s a bright spot in her memory. She also added being on the show is a really good memory for her and waiting for the episode to air is a fun thing to look forward to for her.

She recorded the episode on β€˜Wheel of Fortune’ before the COVID-19 hit hard in the US. So, soon after she finished recording the show, she got back into her job. She works with Corona patients every day at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Hayward. This is the kind of work that must be appreciated.Β 

Vanna Says She Is Grateful To Arzo

So, the co-host of the show the β€˜Wheel of Fortune’, Vanna White gave a virtual visit to Arzo and her family while watching the episode on Zoom. White honor the work of Arzo towards the society. And she also added, β€œEveryone from the medical professionals, the first responders, the essential retail workers, the delivery people, the restaurant workers, the teachers, just everyone. I’m so grateful that they are there for us.”

Apart from her job, serving patients at the hospital, Arzo serves back to the community. For the last five years Arzo served as a community services commissioner in her hometown. Last year, she also organized a donation drive for northern California fire victims.Β 

The spirit of Arzo and appreciation from Vanna may encourage people of the US to fight against the current situation. Not to be afraid of Corona and help the community to stand back.

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