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When even The Rock isn’t immune to the virus: Dwayne Johnson test positive for COVID-19

Dwayne Johnson and his family

Dwayne Johnson the famous pro wrestler, with the famous ring name “The Rock” who later turned to a “Fast and Furious star” had recently tested positive with his family for COVID-19.

Announcements of testing positive

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson “THE Rock”

Β Dwayne had informed his fans in the 11-minute IGTV video, the coronavirus had infected him and his familyΒ from a very close family friend.

Testing positive for COVID-19 is much different than overcoming nasty injuries, or being evicted, or even being broke, which I have been more than a few times,” he said. “And the reason why I feel like this is different is that my number one priority is always to protect my family, and protect my children, my loved ones.”


Dwayne Johnson: The process of self-recovery

Dwayne Johnson and his daughters, Jasmine and Tia

According to Dwayne on, he and his wife Lauren had a really rough journey to recovery. He was relieved that his two daughters, Tia and Jazzy, had a quick recovery.

Dwayne felt blessed that he and his family had overcome this situation. Even though he and his wife might have had a rough start, but they were through it healthy. Tia and Jazzy only had a mild symptom like sore throats and had recovered faster.

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Dwayne even said that he was counting his blessing because he was well aware of the seriousness of the virus. He had already seen his friends losing their parents and loved ones to this virus. He felt lucky that he and his family had recovered from it.

Advice and his upcoming movie

Dwayne in the video advised his fans to take precaution even when inviting friends and close ones. The video was concluded with the message to his fans that, “Wearing a mask is not a political thing to do; it is a fact.”

The upcoming projects that will be starring Dwayne are Disney movie Jungle Cruise, having Emily Blunt as his co-star for the first time. He also has DC flick Black Adam and Netflix feature Red Notice in his list.

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