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When Exactly We Should Expect A Coronavirus Vaccine? Well, It’s Difficult To Say!

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On March 2, Donald Trump held a meeting in the White House regarding the coronavirus outbreak. Except for Antarctica, the novel coronavirus has spread to other six continents and the world is suffering like never before. Affecting millions of people across 60 countries and lakhs of people’s death.

Various biotech company executives joined the press conference at the White House. One of the companies mentioned the plan to stop the spreading and how to fight against it. The USA is one of the greatly affected countries so far. So, President Trump show interest in the matter.US coronavirus death toll rises to six – Nairobi News

Will The Coronavirus Vaccine Take One And Half Year To Launch?

Stephane Bancel is the CEO of Moderna Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He said they already prepared a vaccine in some weeks of the outbreak and send it to the government for testing. And if the process goes well then the vaccine will be ready in a few months.Coronavirus vaccine may come from a British tobacco ...

But the drugs advanced testing stages first have the safety test and then an efficacy test. The process may take around one and a half years to complete, Bancel also added. Trump mentioned he liked the idea of few months better.

Types of Vaccine

Half dozens variety of Coronavirus Vaccine available in this time at the market. There are killed virus vaccines, weakened vaccines, also the vaccines with injections of viral protein. These all vaccine types work to activate blood cells to produce antibodies. And to attack the coronavirus when it comes in contact with the body. But these vaccines are slow to take actions against the virus. Also, it will take over six months to create it.

There is also an mRNA vaccine which is more promising at their service and as well as fast working. This vaccine can be a great success but it will take more time than the conventional ones.First Person Injected With Trial Coronavirus Vaccine In ...

The DNA and RNA based vaccines are also on the process but it’s based on old technology. It shows unwanted immune reactions and a lack of potential effects. The vaccine’s problem can cover in future experiments.

The world is suffering and we need the vaccines as soon as possible. Hope pharmaceutical companies find their way through the vaccine soon and save mankind.

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