Where Does America Stand In The Covid-19 Situation? Have a look at How the USA is Facing it's Worst situation. Check it out now!
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Where Does America Stand In The Pandemic? USA Faces It’s Worst Condition!

Where Does America Stand In The Pandemic? The USA Faces It’s Worst Condition!: Coronavirus virus has been the most hit disease since decades, and 2020 has been one of the deadliest years of all time for the world. There are almost 32 million cases worldwide, with more than 9 lakh deaths. However, America seems to be on top with more than 7 million patients and nearly 2 lakh deaths.

America’s Condition Is The Worst.

The fact that America is in big trouble after the breakout of COVID-19. The USA is the most affected and the deadliest country in the world. A survey of data got released that claims that only 9% of the American adult population got exposed to the virus.


However, California’s health secretary said Friday that despite the 9% data that looks so small. Thousands of people are still dying every day, and lakh of people are still getting infected by the disease.

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The study from the WHO officials claim that 10 million more people can get infected in America by the end of the year. And approximately 20 million more by the start of 2021. However, more than half of the problem can be controlled by taking safety measures.


Safety measures such as maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, sanitization are obligatory. And the best of all could be the development of a Covid-19 vaccine.


The latest Covid-19 data from the official website that gives information about Covid 19 cases. Claims that After hearing from people held in the facility, Superior Court of Guam Judge Elyze Iriarte determined some passengers did not quarantine voluntarily. AndΒ the department held one woman against her will.Β It looks like people are just running out to death. What do you think about the misery caused in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

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