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Which Netflix Series Is On Top This Month?

Every month there’s a battle between all the famous series to be the no. 1, but only one series wins which remains in everyone’s heart for a pretty long time. Last few months were reserved for Disney plus to be on the no. 1 winning the most amount of views last months. Check out everything you need to know.

Which Netflix Series Is The Most-Watched?

Recently Netflix has released their top 10 most famous and watched list on the platform. However, every week it changes depending on the country to country. Yet, according to the reports, it has recently released their worldwide data.


Many streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and extra give us the option to understand and read the data of who is the most famous series at the moment. However, platforms like Amazon Prime and Disney doesn’t give this privilege.


Talking about the top 5 series, we have seen Lucifer, the office, friends always on the list from the past few months. However, we have seen a new series add to the list since august on one of the most-watched series.

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Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about The Umbrella Academy. That has got a lot of fame ever since it’s release. Fans don’t seem to stop obsessing over it. And due to the whole COVID-19 situation streaming platforms mainly Netflix has got a lot of hype.


Talking about the Amazon Prime series, β€˜The boys’ has been no. One according to the tally so far. However, some of the series like Lucifer, friends, gossip girl, has to be everyone’s forever favourite. What is your favourite series so far?

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