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While Cardi B Goes Live On Instagram, Offset Gets Trolled!


While Cardi B Goes Live On Instagram, Offset Gets Trolled!: Rumours had it that Cardi B and Offset had filed a divorce as Offset had impregnated another woman. Offset trolled heavily for these allegations.

The team of the “WAP” rapper had already confirmed that the rumours were not real, but the rapper had yet to speak for herself.

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Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B Goes Live

Earlier, this month, Cardi brokeΒ her silence on her divorce that made the internet crazy. The couple will be officially calling it to quit after three years of marriage.

On September 15, the front-page rumours were everywhere that Offset had not only cheated by got another woman pregnant.

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Cardi B took to Instagram and went live clearing how she was feeling and the truth about the divorce, clearing the allegations on her child’s father. She admitted to not shed a tear for Offset, confirming that she was doing well. She even thanked her fans for the support, though she didn’t need it.

Did Offset Get Another Woman Pregnant?

Cardi cleared the allegations on Offset saying that the breakup was because of their continuous argument.

Cardi B on her Instagram live.

The main reason for the split was the tired argument that never came to any conclusion and not seeing things eye to eye.

Fans Troll Offset

Due to the past cheating history, Offset g heavily trolled on Twitter, people going as far to commenting ‘No more WAP for you‘ speaking for the cheating allegations and the impregnating rumour.

About Their Relationship

Cardi had stated that she was calling quiets in 2018 after her husband was found cheating on her. The matter was resolved with Offset begging for forgiveness from his wife. The couple later, agreed to work things out again for the sake of their daughter.

Offset asking for forgiveness. To watch the video, click here!

In 2019, Grammy Awards when the duo was seen back together on the red carpet implying that they had sorted out things and we’re back together.

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