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White Man Gary Lloyd Makes Racist Slurs At Black Man Clyde McLemore ! Apologizes After Video Goes Viral !

Clyde McLemore and Gary Lloyd
Source: Newsweek

Fight Between Clyde McLemore And Gary Lloyd

Clyde McLemore and Gary Lloyd are two ordinary citizens of America. Clyde is Black while Gary is a white person. However, things turned ugly between the two when they had an encounter at Waukegan National Airport. While Trump supporters were waiting for his arrival, Clyde was standing there with his Black Lives Matter placard and t-shirt. However, Gary Lloyd did like this and said, β€œIf you don’t like it, why don’t you go back to Africa and see how nice it is there?” This was captured in a video that went viral on Facebook and Instagram.

Gary Lloyd Feels Bad For His Racist Remarks

After the video went viral, Clyde got overwhelming support from every corner of the world. He felt good to get the support but he was in disbelief that someone such comments are still made in 2020. However, on the plus side, Gary reflected on what he said and accepted his mistake. He said in a telephonic interview to Newsweek, β€œI was very upset when he was tearing up our country. So that’s why I said what I did… I got angry and I lost my temper, but I never should have said it.”

Gary Lloyd Apologizes To Clyde McLemore For His Racist Comments

Gary felt bad for what he did and tracked the office of Clyde to apologize to him. He made it very clear that his apology was genuine and not because of the backlash he got from the viral video. He said, β€œI didn’t go to him because I was worried. I just know that’s not part of me, it’s really not me to say something like that. That’s why I had to ask for his forgiveness. So I could just go on with my life.”

Clyde McLemore and Gary Lloyd
Source: Newsweek

Clyde McLemore Narrates The Incident Of Gary Lloyd’s Apology

Clyde McLemore felt good to see that Gary came all the way to his office to make an apology. Even he thought it was a sincere apology. He said, β€œThere was something about the sincerity in his eyes that led me to believe that he was honest. He came and found us because we were a brand new office.”

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