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WHO Has Some Advice For Countries Tackling Coronavirus To Avoid The Recipe Of Disaster !

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WHO Has A Warning For All Countries

The coronavirus pandemic is grappling the lives of people and the economy of all countries. While governments across the globe were not prepared for such a pandemic, they did one thing in common. Almost every country went under a lockdown even though the time period of it varies. However, the biggest dilemma for any country is about when to reopen economic activities. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus gave a warning to all the countries. He said, β€œThe more control countries have over the virus, the more they can open up. Opening up without having control is a recipe for disaster.”

WHO Wants Countries And Citizens To Follow This

WHO has given some key points which must be kept in mind by citizens of all nations irrespective of whether or not the situation regarding coronavirus is intense or not. As part of this, the WHO wants the government and citizens to ensure that no large gatherings are taking place. This means the government must be strict about gatherings and must stop it no matter what. Next, WHO wants people to be alert at a personal level and use a mask when you go out of your house.

WHO Wants People To Come Up With Creative Ways To Interact

With the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of video calls and conferences have gone up. Platforms like Zoom and Meet are growing exponentially at this moment. Everything from classes to meetings to gossip takes place through video calls. WHO also expects people to avoid physical contact and come up with innovative and creative ways to be social with other people. This will help people in filling up the void of meeting with people. This might just mean more Zoom calls and fewer handshakes.

Vulnerable Group
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Keep The Vulnerable People Safe, Says WHO

WHO has the last advice for all the countries. The best way to bounce back from coronavirus is to save people and prevent the spread. The best way to go about it is to keep the vulnerable people away from people. People from the old age group as well as those with existing medical conditions must be extra careful.

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