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Who is Ahead in the Presidential Election-Trump or Biden?

Trump and Biden
Source: NY Daily News

The former Vice President Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump by significant margins.


With just two months left for the US Presidential election, the Democratic party’s nominee is ahead of the Republican President Donald Trump. Trump won by a thin margin in 2016 in Wisconsin, where Biden currently is leading by five point.Mr. Biden leads in Arizona, a place where only Democratic president has won over the past 70 years. In northern California, whereΒ  Republican has won in nine out of the last ten elections, Mr. Biden leads there too by narrow point.


In Texas, the point difference between the two candidates is less than five percentage points indicating a close margin. The national Poll shows Biden having a significant advantage. The group who helped Truman the survey conducted, Biden nominees, was supported by 50 percent of voters, and Trump was backed by 41 percent.

Biden’s election of Kamala Harris rated as excellent or fairly good (52 percent). Harris fares well as compared with the other Democratic candidates. In the ongoing Black Lives Matter situation, it is a good move by Biden. The Poll conveys that Biden tops Trump in a matter of coronavirus outbreak, health care, and foreign policy.

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Trump wins in the handling of the economy. Biden’s positive trait is considered valuable for the run in the White House. Biden is ahead in the election game. It doesn’t mean his win is certain. He needs to have a strong grip on the economic factor and convert his weakness to a plus point for the election.

All he needs to do is mobilize America’s anti-Trump majority to surpass him

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