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Who more Americans support? Biden or Trump who will win elections 2020.

The USA’s presidential election is around the corner, and it’s tough to predict who will be the next USA’s president.Β Both the Democratic challengerΒ Joe Biden and the Republican challenger and ex-president of America Donald Trump has been trying their best to get the best from this elections.

Biden or Trump?

This is one crazy election of all time where Trump had been giving drug dealer Alice a second chance to get the votes of the young youths. All these speak about the strategies Trump has been using to the get the majority at his side. From drug dealers to women’s with cancer, Trump is trying his best to get the majority support.

Biden or Trump
Biden or Trump

On the other hand, the Democratic challenger Joe Biden has picked California’s senator Mrs Kamala Harris to be his Vice President candidate. This is Joe’s strategy to win the election. Since Kamala Harris is the first women of colour and Asian African American to be a candidate for Vice President, she is also the fourth lady of America to be a candidate of Vice President. Joe’s strategy can work to attract all the black and browns to vote for him. And they are indirectly making women’s to vote for him too.

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The decision is not easy this time. In addition to that, things got more confusing when a poll was conducted to see who has more supporters. Biden has 50% whereas Trump had 41% and the rest voters were undecided. It was a close poll and had left the American confused on who can win the presidential elections. Whoever after Kamala Harris accepted the Vice President ticket. One more poll was conducted in which Biden had 59%, and Trump had 41%. Kamala seems to have an impact on the people of America. What do you think about the presidential elections?

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