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Who Murdered Neil Byrne In General Hospital? Fans Can’t Stop Speculating!

Who Is The Murderer Of Neil Byrne in General Hospital? Fans Can't Stop Speculating
Source: ABC

Who Murdered Neil Byrne In General Hospital? Fans Can’t Stop Speculating!: If you are a fan of General Hospital – the American soap opera on the ABC network, this might be big news to you. The character Neil Byrne, played by Chloe Lanier is dead! The fans are mourning on this news. In the recent episode, when Alexis woke up to discover Neil dead in his bed, she was shocked! It happened only a few hours after they had got together. Neil Byrne’s sudden death was caused due to drug overdose.

Why Fans Suspect CYRUS?

Fans can’t stop speculating how the drugs got into his system. Port Charles Police Department will be investigating the case, but fans think that they know better. Many of the viewers assured that Cyrus is the culprit. What is the reason behind this suspicion? Cyrus is the villain! So if anything goes wrong, who is the better person to be blamed? There has been no other reason to back this suspicion. But as usual, Cyrus claims to be innocent.

If Not Him Then Who Else?

Just one-third of the fans claim that the murderer is not Cyrus. However, they also don’t know who is behind this. Could it be Alexis? It could be that she was afraid that she got stressed that this relationship would also last like her previous bad relationships. A smaller section (around 7 %) of the fans think that Neil was a drug addict. He was a medical doctor so he could have written his prescriptions.

But why to blame others when you have a bad guy like Cyrus in front of you? Who do you think is the murderer of Neil? Tell us in the comments below.

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