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Who would be the next Successor after Kim Jong Un? Might Be His older brother Kim Jong Chul

Kim Jong Chul

Kim Jong Un: There was a huge debate over the topic about the next successor after Kim Jong Un’s demise. There were rumors about him being in a coma. It was all put to an end when the media covered him attending a summit. Recently he has also surveyed the damage caused by the Typhoon.


There was no correct information released by North Korea about who will rule next. But recently, his sister Kim Yo Jong was rumored to be his successor, temporarily. It is guessed that his brother Kim Jong Chul to take his place, citing his support for his brother.

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Interested in music

He was never interested in gaining power and ruling the nation. He loves Eric Clapton and has traveled around the world to see his concerts. In 2006 to Germany, in 2011 to Singapore, and in May 2015 to Royal Albert Hall in London. He was educated at a school in Switzerland.

He was like a girl

Kim Jong ill’s personal sushi chef wrote a book in 2003 claiming that the ruler saw his son Kim Jong Chul as ” no good because he is like a little girl” while he considered Kim Jong Un to be a boy of “inner strength.” He also wrote that he had a” heart of a warm girl.” Being older than Kim Jong Un he was never into politics and concentrated more on music

Once caught with a girl

Video of Kim Jong Chul, with a girl by his side, was once believed to be his girlfriend. But it was cleared bt his ambassador that she was a rhythm guitarist from a North Korean pop group. , not his girlfriend. That band was formed by Kim Jong Un after he came to power

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