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Who’s fan army is the strongest? Billboard fan army face-off all set! Check Out

It is that time of the year, where fan armies around the world will get a chance to support their favourite stars. It is again one of the most awaited moments ‘Billboard Fan Army face-off’. In this Facebook, people vote for their favourite, and Billboard decides who’s Army is the strongest.

The face-off list.

I.e. Cardi B vs Nikki Minaj, Liam Payne vs Kanye West, Ariana Grande vs Drake, Doja Cat vs BeyoncΓ© Nail vs The Weeknd, Taylor Swift vs Karol G, Selena Gomez vs Halsey and so on. Many famous celebrities will put against, and people all around the world will vote for their favourite and try to make them win.

There are approximately 60 pairs that are released every year, and the face-off is done.

Participants and matchups were chosen every year basedΒ on a mix of editorial decision and placement on the Social 50 chart.

Each year, Billboard asks the question from everyone in the world. Which fan army is the strongest? With the help of the Fan Army Face-Off Bracket held every year. We can find out who has a stronger Army of all.

nicki minaj
nicki minaj

Remember the time Nail left The Weeknd behind. One Direction’s Directioners aren’t eligible to complete. However,Β each of the members separately participates and are featured on their own from their team.Β No one expected him to beat The Weeknd, but he did after all 1 Direction has a loyal fan base.

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Like every year, even this year all the big stars singers rappers are featured. However, according to the latest reports, BTS is expected to have the biggest fan base and break all the record. Especially after the release of new single ‘Dynamite’ which broke all the possible records on the internet. It’s pretty obvious no one can doubt the BTS army.

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