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Why Are Netizens Going After Amber Heard? Well It’s Not About Johnny Depp This Time !

Amber Heard
Source: Pinkvilla

Amber Heard IsΒ  Enjoying Her Time In Istanbul

The coronavirus pandemic has put everything to a halt. However, with each day, people are getting used to living with the virus rather than caging themselves at home. One sector that has gone completely down is the tourism industry. However, to their relief, they have a new guest. Amber Heard is in Istanbul for a vacation during the time of coronavirus. She posted many pictures making everyone jealous of her time in a beautiful country. The caption for one of the posts said, β€œSpent the day wandering around the magic of Istanbul’s mosques and couldn’t be more in love with this gorgeous city…”

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Spent the day wandering around the magic of Istanbul’s mosques and couldn’t be more in love with this gorgeous city…

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Amber Heard Receives Backlash For Inappropriate Mosque Outfit

Amber Heard certainly did not predict that netizens would troll her for one picture. In the picture about visiting the mosque, Amber wears a red scarf and a white top. However, some people thought that she was disrespectful to Islam. There was a section of people who pointed out that Amber was not wearing the scarf properly and was rather using it fashionably. Another section object that she was not wearing a bra during her visit which was not appropriate for visiting a mosque.

Amber Heard Hits Back At Trolls Criticizing Her Outfit

AmberΒ  Heard was obviously not happy with the trolls that were hitting on her really hard. However, unlike other celebrities who apologize for straightaway, Amber decided to give a staunch reply to haters. She made it clear through a tweet that she was okay with the outfit and that’s that. β€œNope. Apparently whoever paid 4 this to bs β€œwritten” wasn’t paid enough,” She said. β€œ I’ll make it easy(ier): Mosques are real places. So are museums & churches. So are head scarfs (where they are sometimes required n order 2 visit). Mystery solved.”

Amber Heard
Source: Pinkvilla

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Case

Amber Heard is probably not having the best year and we can as well call it her worst. She is currently fighting a very public libel case against her ex-husband Johnny Depp where the two are tainting each other’s image. However, the result of the case is yet to comeΒ  and we can expect something bizarre.


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