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Why Is Netflix Reducing Streaming Quality? Is It Due To Corona Crisis? How Will It Affect Viewing In Australia?

Netflix Reduces Streaming Quality

Netflix Reduces Streaming Quality: If you are noticing poor video quality on Netflix even though you have opted for 1080p in settings, then you are not alone in this problem. Netflix last Tuesday announced that it is going to lower its traffic on network providers by 25% in India.

β€œGiven the crisis, we’ve developed a way to reduce Netflix’s traffic on telecommunications networks by 25%, while also maintaining the quality of our service,” said Ken Florance, vice-president of content delivery. He further added ” Consumers would continue to get the quality that comes with their plan.

Netflix Reduces Streaming Quality

When Will It End? Why Is It Happening? (Netflix Reduces Streaming Quality)

This decision of Netflix will last for 30 days as of now. It is done to reduce the strain on broadband networks. PM Modi last week asked people to stay at home to break the chain of coronavirus cases. After the announcement, people are spending more time binge-watching Netflix shows for entertainment which, as a result, has congested the internet pipelines.

Effect In Australia Viewership (Netflix Reduces Streaming Quality)

Along with India, Netflix has decided to reduce its traffic by 25% across its entire service, for ultra-high, high, or standard definition in other countries as well where it caters to its services. The list of affected countries includes Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Israel, Argentina, and Chile.

However, in Australia, there are not any reports of a spike in the daily usage of internet services. The decision in Australia was more of a practice move. The company is prepared for the unpredictable rise of demand in the Continent.

Netflix Reduces Streaming Quality

What Other Video Streaming Apps Are Doing?

Youtube has limited the streaming video quality in India to 480p or SD (Standard Definition) for its mobile app. However, Youtube Desktop has not seen changes so far.

Other videos-streaming platforms like AppleTV+ and Amazon Prime video have also reduced default streaming bitrates in Europe and if you want to stream without lag you should check your internet speed

Netflix had 1.2 million subscribers in India in mid-2019 as per an estimate. While its competitor Amazon Prime Video caters its services to 2.5 million subscribers in the country.

Netflix Reduces Streaming Quality

Netflix recently announced of $100-million fund to provide emergency support to its workers on its productions, including electricians, carpenters, and drivers.

Check out how Youtube is allowing its creators to sell ad space directly to the brands with whom they are regularly working.

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