Why is the Coin Master game so popular?

Coin Master is a casual mobile game for single player created by the company named as the moon active. This game isn’t new; it was released in the year 2010. But in 2016, the company launched a new trailer of coin master on YouTube, and after one year, this suddenly accelerated its popularity and became famous in social media.

Coin Master is now downloaded 10 million times on Google play store. Like PUBG and Teen Patti, Coin Master is also trending in the Google play store games list. And because of this popularity, coin master is making almost $11 million in a month globally.

Coin Master’s Popularity

Coin Master has gained popularity between young and old peoples. In many countries, mobile slot games are not growing; like Coin Master, there are many games like Pirate kings that are not able to attract the audience.

In a country like India, Coin Master is reached into the top 5 positions, where slots are not even a part of the culture of India. Coin Master is a combination of two genres of the game: gambling and building.

Coin Master is a game about building a village by earning coins from playing a slot machine. After building the village ultimately, other villages will get unlock, and that will increase the value of your rewards.

After this, some light social mechanics are used to attack villages of other players and destroy their buildings and earn coins, or “raid” the coin master by digging the buried treasure in other player’s villages.

It’s not at all a complex game. The coins earned in the game are not the point of the game. The everyday game gives free spins to earn a hundred thousand coins, which help to create a new building.

Play with friends or strangers?

It’s possible to play the game with strangers, but it’s better to lay with friends for a fun experience. The game enables the user to connect the game with the Facebook account.

After connecting it with Facebook, users can send spam game invites and then, after joining of friends, annoy them for free things in the game and even destroy their villages as well. But do these things at your own risk because this can make you lose lots of friends on Facebook. This game has succeeded in attracting the attention of today’s youth and old people as well.

How to play Coin Master

It is a very simple game that can be played by anyone above five years of age. Here, if you want to win in this game, then you have to complete all the villages. As the game moves forward, villages get expensive than the previous ones.

For earning coins, you have to spin the slot; besides spinning the slot, you can also earn coins by raiding and attacking other player’s villages. For attacking and raiding, there are special events.

You should have spun to play this game; in every hour, five free spins are given to the player. For getting more spins, you have to complete the sets of cards. These cards you will get from the chests, buy as many chests you can.

In the game coin master, three pets will help during the game. The three pets are Rhino, Foxy, and Tiger. First, you have to hatch them in the villages and complete the set of cards. These pets will help you to protect your villages and earning more coins.

In Coin Master every day, some events take place in the game, which can help you get extra spins, coins, and XP to feed the pets.


In 2020, a mobile game report says that in play store games, only one percent of the time spent worldwide. Critics also accused the app because many people spend lots of money on village raids and earn lots of coins.

Now, Coin Master is one of the most trending apps of the Google play store and App Store. The players never get bored playing this game, and they have never regretted downloading it.

You can play coin master with your family and as well as with your friends and build a village together, which cannot be destroyed easily. When you start playing this game, don’t forget to connect with your Facebook account because after that lot of benefits will be given to which you don’t want to miss.

At first, lots of critics had said that that this game had no future, but the rating of 4.5 stars in the Apple App Store shows that this game has made its place.

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