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Why MC Lyte wants to end her 3 years of relationship with John Wyche.

MC Lyte: Lana Michelle Moorer and John Wyche. Who would have thought, like any couple in Hollywood they would have to end their relationship too. The couple first met in 2017 on match.com, Lana Michelle is a famous rapper, whereas John Wyche is an entrepreneur. They got married two months after meeting in 2017 and were together for three years.

The back story.

Lyte Michelle and John Wyche first married at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica after meeting on Match.com in 2017. The Marine Corps veteran had nothing but nice things to say about his wife at the time and same way around. The couple was really happy with one another until last year; no one is really able to track the reason for their split.

The news came out yesterday From TMZ and The Blast report. The report suggests that the 49-year-old rapper has finally filed divorce against husband John Wyche after 3 years of relationship.

Lyte previously poured out about her husband in an interview with Essence shortly after their wedding in August 2017.

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“It was so beautiful. It was likeΒ a fairytale,” Lyte Michelle later also told the publication about theirΒ relationship. “IΒ finallyΒ got my king.” back then it looked like both have found their perfect match.

The rapper went on to talk about how theΒ couple first connected in 2016, explaining that she saw “so much honesty and truth in his eyes.”

The end of the fairytale.

She further adds ‘with dating my biggest fear was to be vulnerable, and with him, I could totally be that. I can completely be myself, and I wouldn’t have asked for anything better’.

All these statements and pictures from the past have left fans in emotional trauma. Who would have wanted a good couple to end this way? Guess forever is not meant for everyone, especially not for this couple.

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