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Why Most Of The Asteroids Aren’t A Potential Threat To Our Earth?

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Why Most Of The Asteroids Aren’t A Potential Threat To Our Earth?: There have been headlines about the “Asteroid 465824 2010 FR” passing Earth’s orbit on September 6th, 2020. Due to its vast size (twice the size of the Pyramid of Giza), the pubic was panicked considering it to be a dangerous one. Let’s know a little more about these asteroids and find out if they possess any threat to us.

What Are Asteroids?

Asteroids are the rocky objects orbiting the sun which are much smaller than the planets. Due to their small size, they are called minor planets. Potential hazardous asteroids are the asteroids having a size large enough and an orbit which can make close approaches to the Earth to cause damage to it.

Amongst all the near-Earth asteroids, only 2093 asteroids are “potentially hazardous”.Β Are we going to be impacted by this anytime soon? NASA scientists believe that there is not any significant chance of an asteroid hitting Earth in the next 100 years.

What If An Asteroid Manages To Reach Us?

Even when an asteroid manages to reach the Earth’s atmosphere, it forms a fireball and burns before it could reach Earth’s surface. Whatever remains is just dust-like particles which are harmless. Our Earth procures approximately 100 tonnes of dust each day from space. So, it clear that all the space objects aren’t harmful.

If an asteroid is a potential threat, there are ways to handle it. For instance, its track can change by deflecting it in another direction. It can also blow off in its journey.

What NASA Has To Say About The Asteroids?



Asteroid news: Why most of the asteroids aren't a potential threat to our earth?
Source: Daily Express

Recently, NASA tweeted:

β€œYes, asteroids safely pass by Earth all the time, and there is no known asteroid impact threat for the next 100 years. Regardless, stories sometimes surface with alarming headlines surrounding particular asteroids. So, we like to reassure everyone when we see such conversations.” 

Scientists are still trying to know more about asteroids. As times have changed, modern technologies and gadgets have helped them to learn more and gain a better perspective.

Today, they make more and more accurate predictions in the field of science and technology, which tends to get better with each passing day. However, one thing is for sure that most of the asteroids aren’t a potential threat to our Earth.

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