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Why The Matrix 4 Should Be A Horror Movie?

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Its been almost 16 years since we sawΒ The Matrix Revolutions,Β the last part of the Matrix franchise. That was the last time fans got to see their favourite duo of Neo and Trinity on screen.

And now after almost 17 years,Β WarnerBros has confirmed that a 4th Matrix movie is in the works. NO! It is NOT a spin-off. The end of The Matrix Revolutions set up another chapter which confirmed that Neo and Trinity will return once again. And it looks like they are.

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Lana WachowskiΒ will be directing the 4th part of the sci-fi movie franchise. Along with her, Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss are all set to return as the dashing duo of Neo and Trinity. The film is already in the works. In the wake of the chaos caused by the pandemic, all major productions have been shut down including The Matrix 4 as well.

The initial release date for The Matrix 4 is set on 21 May 2021. But owing to the outbreak of the COVID-19, a delay may be on the cards. Coming to the storyline for the new film, there have been several theories being floated around by fans. Many of them expect the film to pick up after the events of the last part. But there is one theory which is taking a rather interesting turn.

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The Matrix 4

Fans were excited when The Matrix 4 was announced. All the parts in the iconic sci-fi film franchise have been nothing short on thrills, action, and drama. But in addition to all these, the film also has all the makings of a horror movie. In the previous chapter, we saw Neo and Trinity finally destroying The Matrix but sacrificed themselves in the process.

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This usually means that the franchise has officially ended. And with Matrix 4, it looks like the director has a job reviving a story which has technically ended. As we mentioned that the new film is not a spin-off, we still have no idea whether if its a reboot or a sequel. People all over are wanting the next part in The Matrix to be a horror one.

Why The Matrix 4 Should Be A Horror Movie?

The Matrix is a virtual reality where any aware person can create anything out of pure imagination. We all sawΒ Agent SmithΒ replicating himself, again and again, to take down Neo. This means that people will practically believe everything they watch. Now, these are the kind of mind games that makes a perfectly balanced psychological horror movie.

There have been some theories that suggest Neo might return as a mentor similar to whatΒ Laurence FishburneΒ did in the original trilogy. We can see Neo as a mentor to a youngΒ Morpheus.Β It will be interesting to see what the new film has to offer.



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