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Wife of a US Police Officer Died a tragic death after being trapped in a Police Car

It is reported that the United States police officer’s wife died in a horrendous situation.

How did the incident occur?

Clara Paulino, the officer’s wife, was searching for something in the backseat of the patrol car when it accidentally shut. She remained trapped in the car. This incident took place right before her house situated at Miami Shores. Her husband was sleeping inside the house after he came from a nightshift. It was a police designed vehicle with special locks and bars. The purpose was built to prevent suspects from fleeing. It could be opened only from outside. According to weather forecasts, the temperature raised as high as 90 F (32-degree c) on Friday. She must have tried hard to get out of the vehicle as her fingerprints were found all over it. But all her efforts went in vain.

Clara Paulino, the woman who died in a tragic incident.

What investigators and MPD have to say about the accident?

β€œIt’s literally a cage,” one police officer told the press. There was no possible way for her to get outside. It is unknown how long she remained in the car. Her husband, Aristides Paulino, was fast asleep and her body wasn’t discovered until 5 pm. The couple son, whose name is also Aristides, said that the family members are in a lot of pain. Matthew Reyes, the Vice President of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, officially confirmed the tragic incident. He also mentioned that the police SUV can only be accessed from outside. The windows have bars on it. The back seat and the front seat is separated by a cage. The inspection is still going on and the investigators are considering it an accident.

The inside view of a police SUV similar to the one in which Clara was trapped.

“Horrible, horrible, horrible, imagine someone, that happening to someone,” neighbour Daphne Steward told the NBC. Miami Police Department will not comment until the matter is thoroughly investigated. An insider reports that Mrs Paulino had some medical issues and it may have played a part in her death.

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