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Will And Jaden Smith Continue The Father-Son Duo

Jaden smith

Will Smith is not only a Hollywood A-lister known for his outstanding acting. Talents and his mesmerizing presence on the screen. Smith is often known for his brilliant sense of humor, which fans also have the privilege of seeing in interviews and, most importantly, in his social media pages. His new Instagram post, featuring Jaden Smith’s son, is no different and serves as a reminder of the playful sense of humor that flows through the household.

Jaden Smith originally posted this video on his official Instagram account

American actor and singer Jaden Smith originally posted this video on his official Instagram account on September 21st. “Me Trying to Get Any Sort of Acknowledgement While My Parents Are Present,” reads the language-in-cheek caption posted alongside the tweet.

The recording shows Jaden standing with his girlfriend, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith. They appear to be engaging in a conversation with the fourth person. The entity gives a fist-bump to Jada and then does the same thing to Will. Jaden held his fist out while all this is going on. But he doesn’t appear to get the fist-bump he wanted. Check out his reactions in a funny video.

Hahahaha means!!

This post has received over four million views and many appreciative comments since it posted it on the photo and video sharing site. Will Smith, himself, responded to the share by resubmitting the recording to his Instagram account with “HAHAHAHA” reading. The post has amassed over 11 million views.
One thing is for sure, the Smiths have a wonderful sense of humor, and they know how to have a nice laugh, even though it’s on their own every once in a while.

Here’s what the users of Instagram have to say about the share. One individual said, “Lol, I’m sorry, but it’s cold.” Another guy said, “Hahahaha means.”



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