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Will & Jada Saved Their Kids From Their Worst Selves!

Smith family
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Will & Jada Saved Their Kids From Their Worst Selves!: Jada and Will’s almost broken relationship could’veΒ taken a toll on their kids but, both being good parents, didn’t let anything come onto their kids.

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Will and Jada completely shielded JadenΒ and Willow from the darkest times of their marriage.

Let us dive into the details of this!

Saving The Kids!

Even during their darkest phase, Will and Jada kept their kids far away from themselves and never let them get caught in their marital distress.
Let’s be real usually, the kids suffer when their parents are either fighting or in a bad marriage. Similarly, during the whole Jada’s relationship with R&B singer August Alsina debacle, it was sure that Jaden and Willow would suffer the consequences.
The Smiths
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Transparently, Jaden and Willow were surprisingly okay just like Will after hearing Jada speak about her infidelity. It happened because Will and Jada never let Jaden and Willow see their marital problems. After all, Will said:
“Marriage ain’t for the weak at heart.”

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Source For The Win!

Recently, a source split the beans on the Smiths and their kids. It said:

“The kids have always been a uniting factor for them. And it was never chaotic in the house. They shielded a lot of what they were going through from their kids. In bad times, Jada would just be gone a lot.”
Jaden and Willow
Source: The Independent
Further, he added:
“From the beginning, their issues haven’t been any different than most other couples. They are two different people trying to make it, and on top of it, there is a huge spotlight on them. Up until now, they’ve done a great job of being able to keep their issues private. But their problems aren’t unique. They got together pretty young, and they’ve grown and changed and adapted. They learn more about each other every day.”

A Family That Forgives Each Other Stays Together!

Honestly, Jada’s actions deserve no justification as she was wrong to cheat on Will. However, Will, still being in love with Jada, forgave her in a heartbeat. Similarly, despite August Alsina being Jaden’s friend, the 21-year-old rapper did not have any problems ( of that we know) when the whole controversy stirred up.

It shows us that the kids and Will were mature enough to realize that Jada’s ‘entanglement’ was just a mistake. We believe all’s well in the Smith household post-Jada’s revelation and the Smith’s are delighted to forgive each other and start over.

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