Will Jaden Smith And Sofia Richie Ever Get Back Together? Check it Out now.
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Will Jaden Smith And Sofia Richie Ever Get Back Together? Check It Out Now.

Will Jaden Smith And Sofia Richie Ever Get Back Together? Check It Out Now.: Jaden Smith never fails to be on the headlines and for the majority of the times to be on the headlines with her ex-girlfriend Sofia Richie. The thing that is the craziest about their relationship is the fact that the two have been dating since they were like 14. Check out everything you need to know about their relationship.

Sofia Richie and Jaden Smith’s Relationship.

Sofia Riche and Jaden Smith started dating back in 2012. The two were 14-year-olds back then when they started dating. However, their relationship didn’t last very long, and the two broke up in 2013. Yet, Sofia has always been seen in Jaden’s picture.


The two were recently captured together in Malibu on a beach date with other friends. The two got cosy and were caught holding hands, hugging and even kissing. It left the fans very confused

Jaden and Sofia in the frame
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This time the fans thought the two are back together. However, that wasn’t the case. Later in an interview, Jaden claimed that he knows Sofia for almost a decade now and wether they dates or not they will always remain best friends.

Just Friends

However, talking about Sofia Richie, she does have a crazy relationship with many superstars. His first iconic relationship that caught people’s eyes was with Jaden. After which Sofia started dating Justin Bieber, which is right after Bieber broke up with Selena.


Currently, Sofia is dating Keeping up with the Kardashian star and Kourtney Kardashian ex-husband Scott. She has been dating him for almost three years now. However, he got with Jaden getting cost many times. But we never know. What do you think about their relationship timeline?
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