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Will Smith And Eva Mendes Worked Together Years Before

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Before the release of Bad Boys for Life, viewers were eager to see stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reunited. After all, it’s been 17 years since the two starred at Bad Boys II. Smith is never one who has a chance to reunite with a worthy collaborator. So fans of the actor’s movies are sure to be surprised to hear that 2005’s Hitch wasn’t the first time he’d collaborated with Eva Mendes.

Will Smith and Eva Mendes starred in the 2005 megahit ‘Hitch.’

Smith made the transition to a full-blown movie star simple in the mid-1990s. In three straight years, he looked at Bad Guys, Independence Day, and Men in Purple. And over the next two years, he carefully stretched from his big-screen action and science-fiction beginnings to other genres. Thrillers and dramas such as the State Enemy and Ali, respectively, have proven their range.

Still, Smith has never headlined a bonafide comedy before. Many of his previous appearances had combined humour with other genres. Yet 2005’s Hitch was similar to the Smith of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as the filmgoers had seen. And the fact that more than $370 million has been generated globally against a $70 million budget is a tribute to Smith’s inherent star strength.

But the two actors previously worked on a very different project.

A big part of why Hitch remains so famous with Smith fans is his chemistry with Mendes. In the film, Smith plays the title “date doctor” who falls to gossip columnist Sara Melas (Mendes). And Snag hinges on the audience’s curiosity in watching the two of them making their relationship work. But it’s not the first time that Mendes and Smith have collaborated.

In reality, Mendes is featured in the music video for Smith’s 1998 single “Miami.” The third hit from his Big Willie Style album is a musical homage to Florida City. And Mendes appears briefly as a young woman driving in a sedan, lip-syncing the line “Bienvenido a Miami.” She and Smith don’t share the screen, but her film career took over in the years to come.

Could Will Smith and Eva Mendes reunite for ‘Hitch 2’?

Smith and Mendes reportedly made it off famously after they exchanged the scenes. In reality, Mendes said she’d love the chance to collaborate with Smith again. She also set up a sequel to Hitch in 2020 to tackle how dating has evolved over the last 15 years. To date, however, no public announcements have been made regarding the potential Hitch 2.

Though Smith remained as busy as ever, Mendes put aside her career as a filmmaker to concentrate on raising her children with Ryan Gosling. More recently, however, she showed interest in returning to the screen. Is that going to be next to Smith for Hitch 2 or another project? Fans are just going to have to watch and see.

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