Will Smith Blames Som Jaden Smith For His Movie Failure ’After Earth’. Check It Out Now!
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Will Smith Blames Son Jaden Smith For His Movie Failure ’After Earth.’ Check It Out Now!

Will Smith Blames Son Jaden Smith For His Movie Failure’ After Earth.’ Check It Out Now!: Will Smith Blaming Jaden Smith for his biggest movie failure is the last thing people were expecting. However, here it is. Will Smith, in his recent interview, talked about his movie ‘After Earth’ loss and how Jaden was involved. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Will Smith’s Failure.

According to the reports, Will Smith, in his recent interview, readily admits that he has had a few significant movie failures one being because his son Jaden was involved. He told Esquire in a 2015 interview. He explained how the fail was “excruciating” to him because his son was involved in the project.

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In the interview, he talks about how hard he worked for his film ‘After Life’. And when it didn’t live up to his expectation, it hit him hard. He claims that it was one of the most challenging time of his life.


He says he let his son work with him for the movie and that wasn’t possibly the best decision of his life. Since, at times, it’s hard to work with one of your family members as it becomes more personal and less professional.

Will Smith Learns From His Mistakes.

Will Smith says he learnt from his mistake and he won’t ever repeat the same. He says it is important not to let success take over your head since failure is also a part of your life. No matter how hard you try, you will experience it. So he shares his experience of how he tackled the failure and learnt from it.


He further said he was also a victim of rumours and claims made against him after the movie. Fans would often come him for forcing his son into the movie. Smith says he never moved his son into the film and it was just a matter of time for Jaden to himself realize his interest.

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