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Will Smith Dropped The F-Bomb On 50 Cent Over Jada!

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Source: Daily Mail

Will Smith Dropped The F-Bomb On 50 Cent Over Jada!: Let’s be realΒ Will Smith is not one of those people who use foul language. Yet when it came onto Jada Pinkett Smith’s dignity, Will didn’t back down and dropped the f-bomb on 50 Cent.

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We are aware that Jada Pinkett just confessed that she was in a relationship with August Alsina four and a half years back. But, as she let her heart out, there were repercussions. Several people started questioning Jada over her loyalty towards Will.

50 Cent too was vocal about his feelings over the entire Smith-Alsina feud.

The Unintentional Entanglement

Not a long ago, August Alsina stirred up a controversy about his relationship with Jada Pinkett. Similarly, two days back, Jada accepted that she was in a relationship with him, but it was an ‘unintentional entanglement.’

Jada wanted to help Alsina to deal with his mental health. Moreover, even Jada was in a rough patch with Will, and the duo got separated for the time being.

Source: Page Six

Well, one thing led to another, and the two got into a relationship for some time. Pinkett and Alsina broke up after Jada was happy, and wanted to rekindle her relationship with Will.

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50 Cent vs Will Smith

After the controversy blew up, Jada and Will talked about the affair on Red Table Talk. But, it seemed that 50 Cent did not find it amusing for the couple to discuss their private matters on social media.

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Source: Page Six

After the episode, 50 Cent asked Will if he’s ok (in concerns to the affair), and Will thanked him for being considerate. However, things took a U-turn when 50 Cent began asking debatable questions to Will. Here”s how their conversation went:

50 Cent: But why did she tell you that s–t on a show everybody wanted to see?

Will: We broke up, so she did her, and I did me.

50 Cent: Then she said only she can permit you for somebody to blow her back out.

Will: F–k you 50.

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Will & Jada’s Discussion

When Alsina stirred up the controversy, nobody seemed to believe him. But, now that Jada has confirmed, everybody has realised that Alsina was indeed right. However, when Alsina said that Will Smith gave them ‘his blessings’ to date Jada, he lied.

According to Jada’s discussion on the Red Table Talk, Will never permitted August to date Jada and everything happened behind his back. However, it seems that the discussion was healthy for the couple, and now, everything’s well in paradise.

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