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Will Smith Embarrassed Jaden Smith By Kissing Him On His Mouth !

Jaden Smith Will
Source: Cheatsheet

Jaden Smith Reveals The Time Will Smith Embarrassed Him On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Jaden Smith and Will Smith share an extraordinary father-son bond. They have more of a friendship than a typical father-son relationship. However, there have been times when Will has embarrassed Jaden in front of people. Moreover, the most memorable one was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he tried to kiss Jaden and left him embarrassing. Speaking about the incident on one occasion, Jaden said:

“My dad tried to kiss me on the mouth in public. That’s pretty embarrassing. We were in Korea, he tried to kiss me on my mouth at the press conference. … And on Ellen, he tried to kiss me. I almost flipped the couch over.”

Jaden Smith Will
Source: Cheatsheet

Will Smith Has His Justification For Kissing Jaden Smith

Ellen had asked Will as to why he purposefully embarrasses Jaden in front of everyone. However, Will had his explanation for the same. He revealed that he sometimes felt like kissing his son when he felt proud of him or out of his love for him. Moreover, he said, “You know, I love him, Ellen. You know, when you have kids, and you love them, and you’re proud of them, you want to kiss them in the mouth sometimes.”

Jaden Smith Feels Will Smith Doesn’t Usually Embarrass Him.

Jaden Smith has always asserted that his family has never been an embarrassment for him with the kissing incident being the only exception to it. He feels he doesn’t get embarrassed as he is always around people that he loves spending time with. He said, “I’ve never got that, nor have I ever had to think about it. It’s hard to get embarrassed if you’re around family and friends.”

Jaden Smith Will
Source: Cheatsheet

Jaden Smith Loves His Parents

Jaden Smith might complain about his dad kissing him, but he still loves them a lot. He had said it in an interview, “I love my parents. I think they’re amazing. They’ve taught me a lot of things and told me very seriously about ways to hold yourself in public and around other people in general. Life’s crazy. Unexpected things happen.”

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