Will Smith Gives Jaden Smith A Big Condition If He Wants To Move out! Get to know what the condition was.
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Will Smith Gives Jaden Smith A Big Condition If He Wants To Move out!

Will Smith Gives Jaden Smith A Big Condition If He Wants To Move out!: What’s better of gossip than talking about the Smith family? With all the scandals and Dramas, the Smiths are back with another controversy. People know a lot about their personal and professional life mainly because to choose to showcase that to their fans. They make their appearance often on the show ‘Red Table Talk’.

Jaden & Will Appeared On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Now a recent scandal that went off is the talk between Will and Jaden during The Ellen DeGeneres Show. When will was if Jaden would ever move out, Will responses that he can only on one condition.

Source: The Independent


It shook that fans since what conditions do the celebrities or celebrity kids need to follow. None right? Will had one condition! If you are also wondering what the situation could be, continue reading.


Will and Jada are now living with the entire family in $42 million mansions. And of course, they certainly aren’t hurting for money. However, the interview happens back in 2013 when Jaden was almost 18 and couldn’t have repurchased his own house then. It was a matter of talk for the world.

The Condition.

For those of all who know Will has a dark past. According to the reports, he never wanted to leave his first wife and wanted Jada to meet her instead. Things are real messy sometimes in Will’s life, and as a dad, he doesn’t wish to Jaden to live separately and make any decisions he shouldn’t.


Towards the and of the show when Ellen asked if Jaden will live in his house soon to which Will kept his condition before even Jaden could answer. “He says as soon as I have a movie that’s bigger than one of his movies, then I have to get my own house.” So What do you think about Will’s condition?

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