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Will Smith: Golf Practice Turns Into Nightmare As Will Smith LOSES His Teeth While Playing With Jason Derulo !

Will and Jason
Source: Mirror

Will Smith Loses His Teeth Due To Golf Debacle With Jason Derulo

Will Smith is probably having the worst year of his life. After the controversy surrounding his wife Jada Pinkett, he has landed in new trouble. Will and Jason came together to make a TikTok video of them playing mini-golf. However, due to some lack of communication, Jason accidentally swung the club onto Will’s teeth. As a result, Will has now lost both his front teeth.

Will and Jason
Source: Mirror

How Did Will Smith Lose His Teeth Due To Jason Derulo

The way in which Will lost his teeth got recorded in the TikTok video. Will is seen giving coaching lessons to Jason for swinging. While he asks Jason to remain steady and not swing the club, Jason probably doesn’t listen and swings the club. Will who was standing behind Jason was not ready for this and the club hit right onto his teeth. The video shows Will smiling at the camera with his lost teeth.

Will Smith Decides To Take His Revenge But Later Leaves Jason Derulo

Showing his concern for the mishap, Jason says, β€œYou ought to put some ice on that.” However, as he goes for it, Will stops him and says, β€œIt’s my turn.” Much to everyone’s relief, Will jokingly swings the club onto Jason’s legs. Will’s reaction speculated that it was probably a setup.

Will and Jason
Source: Mirror

Will Smith And Jason Derulo Post The Video On Instagram

Will and Jason decided to make this accident viral on Instagram. Jason posted the video with the caption, β€œI don’t like this game.” Will also took everything in a positive way and posted the video. He captioned it jokingly, β€œAnd we never saw @jasonderulo again.” To this post, Jason commented, β€œI know a good dentist… text me back.” Last but not the least, Will shared a selfie on Instagram with Jason post losing his teeth. He gave a funny caption that said, β€œI gotta stop inviting @jasonderulo over.”

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