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Will Smith Incentive From Warner Bros Is Mind Blowing

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Keanu Reeves and Will Smith also did not collect incentives for Warner Bros‘ decision to place their 2021 films on HBO Max. Reeves is starring in the widely awaited Matrix 4, one of the studio’s biggest movies to be released in 2021. Smith is starring in King Richard, a film about Venus and Serena Williams’s father, which marks a more dramatic turn. Both films will hit theatres and HBO Max on the same day, and the movie will remain on the streaming site for a month.

The step is part of Warner Bros’ broader 2021 strategy, which entails launching all 17 of their movies on HBO Max on the same day as theatres. They followed the studio’s decision to retain Wonder Woman 1984 on its Christmas Day release and release it concurrently. The step shook the industry, with the big Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan has blown up the studio.

Director Christopher Nolan has blown up the studio to make a decision. The studio offered the actors and others interested in the movies a 90-minute head before making the announcement.

The move is divisive and would affect the payday of some of the studio’s biggest actors. This includes Reeves and Smith, who, according to NYT, were not paid. They will be willing to bargain in the future. According to the paper, several talent agents and performers have found the case against the studio. Other studios, including Dune’s, are hoping to press back on the move.


Smith and Reeves also can earn their payday. Many are furious with Warner Bros. right now, including the stars and the people around them who planned to make substantial returns in proportion to the number of film grosses. Both Reeves and Smith’s films would hit theatres in the second half of the year. It is hoped that that point will have widely distributed the vaccine, and, hopefully, theatres will begin to reopen again. Getting their films debuted on HBO Max on the same day would significantly impact the already unstable future box office gross.

Gal Gadot is getting $10 million in cash.

With the start of their movies so far out, the stars will have plenty of time to strike a contract. Gal Gadot, star of Wonder Woman in 1984, is getting $10 million in cash for the transfer. The stars could use this as a precedent in their deals. They would also come from the right place in how Warner Bros. needs to hold stars like Smith and Reeves in their good graces. With the whole industry claiming to be smoking at the studio’s decision,

Warner Bros. is likely to do little to make amends. Seeing as King Richard might be a possible winner, and The Matrix 4 would be one of the most talked-about movies of the year, Smith and Reeves could end up fortunate.

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