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Will Smith Reacts To Jada’s Entanglement Meme With Humour!

Will Smith in the Frame
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Will Smith Reacts To Jada’s Entanglement Meme With Humour!:Β A few weeks back, Jada was transparent about her relationship with August Alsina to Will. However, during her public acceptance, we saw Will holding back his tears, but forgiving Jada with a blink of an eye.

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Unfortunately, Will being upset about his wife’s infidelity resulted in a few people creating memes about the whole fiasco. Let us dig into the details of the aftermath of Jada’s announcement.


As we already know about Jada and August’s ‘entanglements,’ several people started making fun of Will for being a victim of infidelity. As their marriage laid bare, people picked up pieces and taunted Will most sadly.

The 51-year-old is oddly praised for laughing it off when it comes to Jada and August. However, recently, Will uploaded a mind-bending video of him skipping a rope. With the video, Smith showed us ‘what the rope sees,’ when he’s exercising.

Will's reply to a joke about Jada
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Just as Will made us dizzy with the clip, a follower pushed some boundaries. He said:

“Ok don’t get entangled.”

Nonetheless, we admit that this might seem hilarious, considering the follower chose a brilliant way to connect two dots. However, even Will Smith found it funny. He replied:

“Hahaha… Okay, I can admit it. That is funny. I’m definitely gonna block you. But the joke was very funny.”

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The Memes!

Let’s be real, Will and Jada’s public announcement seemed bizarre to most of us. However, this doesn’t give the meme creators the right to make fun of the man’s situation.

Moreover, several celebrities like 50 Cent made fun of Will for forgiving Jada. Honestly, what happened to Will was heartbreaking. But, making fun of their life and Will for crying over his wife’s cheating is heartless.

Here are someΒ  of these memes:

Source: eBaum’s World


via eBaum’s World


Source: eBaum’s World

To be honest, these memes are indeed creative and hilarious. However, at the same time, they’re vile and sad.

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Will And Jada’s Marriage!

Needless to say, we all thought that Jada andΒ Will would get a divorce after this debacle. But, all of us were wrong. Moreover, Will forgave Jada for what she did and promised her to start afresh.

via Capital XTRA

Jada and Will are married for over 23 years, and a mere entanglement didn’t break them. Both of them agreed that they were on a break when Jada cheated. However, Will never gave Jada and August his blessings and was against it. Jada said:

“One of the things I want to clear up that was kind of swirling in the press was you (Will) giving permission, which the only person who can permit that particular circumstance is myself.”



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