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Will Smith & Sheree Zampino Were Not Happy Together! Check Out What Made Them Divorce!

Will and Sheree
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Will Smith & Sheree Zampino Were Not Happy Together! Check Out What Made Them Divorce!: People cant make the right decisions at an early age. Especially in their marriage. Certain marriages will be smooth in the initial stages, but will not work out for long. Will Smith has also crossed these stages in life and has worked hard to mend his relationships.


Will Smith with Sheree Zampino at Trey's second birthday party
Will, Sheree and Trey in the frame

Destined To Meet

People say that we cross all limits in love. We go to any extent to meet them, wherever they are. Smith also went to a different world to meet Jada. He saw Jada on the episode of the late 80’s sitcom and just wanted to meet her. With the help ofΒ  Alfonso Ribiero, arranged for a set visit. Will went there to meet Jada but ended up meeting Sheree. They started dating afterwards and got married to each other. They also have a son named Trey

Couldn’t Stop Whatever Had To Happen

Will met Jada finally on the sets ofΒ  The fresh prince of Bel-Air. Eventually, both of them fell in love. He was having an affair with her even though he was already married. Will has confessed her attraction towards Jada to Sheree at a restaurant bathroom. He broke down into tears as he can’t control his feelings. Though Will did not believe in Divorce, Sheree wanted a divorce

No One To Be Blamed

Sheree filed for divorce on Valentine’s day in 1995 stating she no longer loved him. So they officially got divorced. After many years of divorce, Sheree opened up about it in 2016. She said in a Facebook video that”Our marriage ended because we were so young. It revealed that she was clear about her decision and there are no regrets

Will Wasn’t Happy About The Divorce

Will considers his divorce from Sheree as an ‘ultimate failure’ in his life. Nothing can hurt more to get separated from his two-year-old son’s mother. It also created differences between him and his son. He struggled a lot to mend his relationship with his son. He wanted his family’s bond to be healthy always. Mending his relationship with his son was the first step

Every relationship cannot be perfect. It just depends on what effort we put into making it perfect. We can take Will Smith’s life as an example

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