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Will Smith Talks About Being Self-aware And His Strengths As An Actor

Will smith

Hollywood star Will Smith started his career as a rapper and slowly grew up as an actor with several hit films. In an interview, Will Smith spoke about self-awareness and his power as an actress and a comedian. He was taking a look at what the star had revealed before he became an A-list Hollywood actor.

Will Smith on his self-awareness and strengths

Will Smith’s films have fascinated the viewers for decades. He made his debut in the film industry as a Grammy Rapper in Philadelphia. A video recently resurfaced on the Internet, in which Charlie Rose interviewed will Smith. In a 2002 interview with Charlie Rose, Will described his portrayal as Muhammad Ali in Ali’s film. Will was concerned about a couple of stars like Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington.

He said that Eddie Murphy was more fun than he would ever be. In the same way, he added that Denzel is much more powerful than him when it comes to comedy. But he said that his power, according to him, is that he could do something well. He said he could do a little bit of something well, and he worked on his power. He continued that he understood that these were his strengths and that he had to work hard on them.

A sneak peeks into Will Smith’s Instagram.

Will Smith started a special quarantine Will on Snapchat from home. He shocks a lot of people who have been praised for their act of selflessness. Smith posted a couple of Will’s observations from Home on his Instagram. He also posted a snapshot of his Bel Air series. He branded Alfonso Ribeiro as 2020 and Tyra Banks as himself looking forward to 2021, which he labelled himself. Take a peek at some of the posts in Will Smith’s Instagram.

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