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Will Smith Team Up To Surprise 8-Year-Old

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You can’t get that many Will Smithβ€”ask any big-screen star fanβ€”or any MLB catcher fan of the same name.

And the followers of both men have plenty to cheer for this week. When the famous faces joined together to give a little boy a huge surprise.

In the latest episode of the actor’s Snapchat series “Will From Home,”. He invited 8-year-old Aaron Moreno to his show, a boy who recently made headlines for his hard work.

“Aaron was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and instead of falling off the burden. He said, ‘How can I help my family?'” said the star of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”
Aaron’s mother, Berenice Pacheco, lost her job in March. And she was forced to move her family to a shed in East Los Angeles, where they barely make ends meet.

That’s when Aaron told her about his proposal to start a company selling seeds. And she gave him her last $12 to do that. He quickly transformed it into a hundred, and then thousands more, as he acquired fame and a GoFundMe blog.

Smith welcomed the other Smith

Smith welcomed the other Smith to his show to brighten up the boy’s day, both with a funny “Which Will?” “Trivia game and other fabulous prizes, including Dodgers tickets, an opportunity to practise batting. PlayStation 5 and a $10,000 donation from the Nextdoor neighbourhood network.
Although it’s hard to picture more success than he’s ever had, after all, Aaron’s job put his family in an apartment, a car.

It even gave them a chance to carry his sister back from Mexico to Los Angeles after being sent to live with other family members.
You’re reminding all of us how we’re meant to love and care for our families,” said the host “Will From Home.” “Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Aaron plans to do so, and even more so, as he recently posted on Instagram, “My next job, getting my plant store, will be working for Nike and designing my sneakers, and then I plan to go to college so that I can become a judge.


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