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Will Smith Teenage Daughter’s Secrets Make Him Very Uncomfortable.

Will Smith:From unconventional marriage to now unconventional parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are two unique people together. According to the reports and interviews, Will Smith and Jada don’t put any consequences on their kids. The smiths follow a rule in their family called ‘the circle of safety,’ which allows their kids to share absolutely anything about their lives. These rules are definitely different. Everyone else’s life, but it helps the Smith family bind together.

Now the problem arises when Will gets a little too much information about her 15-year-old daughter. It makes Will uncomfortable. After all, no matter how cool Will is but he will always be a father to Willow.

Will Smith: The unconventional parenting style.

Will Smith Teenage Daughter’s Secrets Make Him Very Uncomfortable.
Will Smith Teenage Daughter’s Secrets Make Him Very Uncomfortable.

Hollywood stars have different parenting styles, especially when both the mother and father are from the industry. The Smiths have an unconventional parenting style as well. They say, ‘we don’t do punishments.’ Will says we don’t punish our kids on anything; it’s their actions, so they will deal with it. He further says he can’t stop his kids from making mistakes, and it’s okay for young kids to make mistakes and learn from them.

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One more rule in their family is the circle of safety. Here you can talk about literally anything to your parents. Things that you might not even talk to your best friends about. They have promoted this way of parenting since the start.

Will, in an interview, says although he is his kid’s best friend, sometimes he gets way too uncomfortable talking to his teen daughter. He even tells her daughter sarcastically that she needs to learn to lie, that even though Will is a cool handsome hunk but still a father for Willow. To that later, Jada responds, saying somethings can only b shared with mothers and mother know girls better.

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