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William Henry Gates II Dies At The Age Of 94!

Also known as Bill Gates Sr

William Henry Gates II Dies At The Age Of 94!: The rarest gift that a person can give his son, is the quality of being generous. William Henry Gates II has given them to his son Bill Gates Jr, and he helped him to decide when he decided to provide billions of his fortune to people in need.

William Henry Gates II

On Tuesday, the announcement was made public. William Henry Gates II,( Bill Gates Sr), 94 years had died due to Alzheimer’s disease.

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The family had made the announcement, Bill Gates Sr, the father of the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates died on Monday in his beach home on Hood Canal, in the Seattle area.

Bill Gates recent tweet to the memory of his father. Check out here!

Bill Gates Sr Life

Bill Gates Sr, was born Nov. 30, 1925, in Bremerton, Washington, he was a lawyer by profession.

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Bill Gates parents

In 1994, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, and it was the time of World War II. After the Japanese surrender, he served in Hokkaido, Japan, and Tokyo.

He attended the University of Washington and got his law degree, after returning to Seattle in 1950. He married a university friend, Mary Maxwell 2 years later.

An Incident from the life of Bill Gates Sr

Also, Mary and William blessed with a boy, Trey for William III, later it became Sr and Jr for the father-son duo. They also had two daughters, Kristianne and Libby.

In 1994, Mary died from cancer. After this, Bill Gates Sr married, Mimi Gardner Gates, the prior director of the Seattle Art Museum, in 1996.

Bill Gates Sr role In Bill Gates Jr life

Jr Gates had always been a headstrong nature, which would often lead to a battle of wills between the father-son.

Bill Gates Sr and Bill Gates Jr

In 1994, elder Gates started his William H. Gates Foundation,Β with an initial stock gift of $94 million. It was the foundation that leads to the younger Gates to follow his father.

The incident that leads the world’s largest philanthropy

Now known as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is the world’s largest philanthropy.

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