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Willow Smith And Moises Arias Friendship History

Jaden Smith

Willow Smith and Moises Arias’ relationship is no stranger to making headlines. And this time the same drama has been reshaped.

Fans of the youngest Smith family member were left fascinated by her relationship with Hannah Montana star Moises Arias after being listed in a popular podcast.


In the latest H3 Frenemies podcast episode. Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein presented an internet award show in 2020, winning Shane Dawson the ‘most ruthless cancellation’ award. Trisha, a friend of Shane’s, addresses the Smith family’s role in the incidents after they openly condemned. Shane over an old video about Willow Smith.
Trisha then points to an old picture of Willow Smith with a “21-year-old friend,” referring to Moises Arias. Moises was never a friend of Willow’s, but they have a long relationship that has produced a decent share of the drama.


The photo in question here is an old one, refurbished in 2014. The image was initially shared with Moises’ Instagram account but was soon removed. Showing Willow Smith, who was 13 at the time, and Moises, who was 20 at the time, in a bed together when he was shirtless, he got online detractors.

Jada Pinkett Smith reacted to the uproar from the photo to the TMZ camera crew at LAX Airport, saying, “Here’s the catch, there was nothing*sexual about that picture or that case. You guys are projecting the junk on it, and you’re behaving like a secret pa*****, and that’s not nice.


The bond between the two was a long one, and the older brother. Jaden Smith, is the connection between the two. Moises and Jaden being close friends when they were teens.

In 2014, Jaden’s friendship party consisted of several of Hollywood’s young elite. It includes Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Moises. A source said to the US Weekly, “Moises is calling Jaden his best friend. They’re very, very similar, and he’s been sticking through Jaden with Justin Bieber.
When commenting on the relationship between her daughter and Moises, Jada Pinkett Smith said in an episode of Red Table Talk: “The boy was basically living with us,” before noting that Moises and his brother Mateo were “like her [Willow’s] brothers” and were “always in this house with their shirts off.”

To this day, Jaden and Willow Smith remained loyal to Moises and were also photographed at the beach in July 2020 with other well-known faces such as Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner.

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