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Willow Smith Comes Together With Stars Like Rami Malek For new Cartier Campaign !

Willow Smith in Cartier Campaign
Source: vmagazine

Willow Smith And Other Stars Joins Hands With Cartier

Willow Smith Comes Together With Stars Like Rami Malek: Watch brand Cartier is bringing back its 1980s watch model Pasha with the aim to bring back its iconic model. Moreover, to promote their new campaign, they have brought a range of diverse stars for the same. The company has roped in ambassadors including Troye Sivan, Rami Malek, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams and Jackson Wang. The five came together for a photoshoot, and photographer Β Craig McDean did the photoshoot. Talking about the same, Cartier posted on its Instagram page about the new model with the caption, “@RamiMalek, @WillowSmith, @TroyeSivan, @Maisie_Williams and @JacksonWang852g7: Five authentic paths captured by photographer Craig McDean. #PashadeCartier.”

Willow Smith in Cartier Campaign
Source: vmagazine

What Is The New Campaign That Willow Smith Is Part Of?

The new campaign is from Cartier to bring back its old classic model Pasha. Moreover, Arnaud Carrez, International Marketing and Communications Director of Cartier International gave more light on this campaign. He said, “Since its creation in the 1980s, the Pasha watch has embodied a certain idea of success directly linked to its extroverted design, power and graphic nonconformism. It is as edgy as ever and in tune with today’s new generation of creators. These new Pasha Ambassadors owe their success to their differences, creativity, connection, multidisciplinary talents and generosity.”

Why Willow Smith For New Cartier Campaign

The aim of this campaign is to bring together a group of celebrities that are diverse and still inspire the people in some or the other way. Willow Smith looks like an apt choice for the campaign. Moreover, she is an actor, singer and social activist who is the face for women and the black community. Willow has successfully managed to come out of the shadows of the success of her mother and father Jada and Will Smith. However, she is not intimidated by her successful brother Jaden Smith and shares a good relation with him.

Willow Smith Comes Together With Stars Like Rami Malek
Source: Breitbart

Willow Smith Looking At A Fresh Start After Shane Dawson Controversy

Earlier this week, Willow Smith was in the news after a video of YouTuber Shane Dawson went viral. Shane acts like he is masturbating in front of a Willow Smith poster. Moreover, Willow’s mother and brother, Jada and Jaden did not take this lightly and made strong tweets against Shane. However, Willow maintained complete silence. Looks like she has put the controversy behind her and is looking to start fresh with this campaign.

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