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Willow Smith Feels Pressurized From The Black Community!

Willow Smith Feels Pressurized
source: The Independent

Willow Smith: African-Americans, also called Black Americans or Afro- American, are a group of community Americans with total or partial ancestry from any of Africa’s black racial groups. However, the community has been discriminated against based on colour and ethnicity. It is reported that the Black Community residing in any other part of the country are victims of racism. Whereas the Black Community is discriminating against the Smith Family as they dont follow the black culture. Moreover, the family opened up on the same and shared a comment on it. Hence, let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about the Smith Family’s discrimination.

Smith Family Are Expelled From The Black Community

Willow Smith Feels Pressurized
source: Billboard

It has been more than a decade since the Smith Family has been discriminated against by the Black Community Itself. However, The smith family is also African Americans who moved to America, and the rest is history. Will Smith has built up immense image and pride through his Talent and skills. But the family is not accepted by the black community as they dont follow the community’s norms. As a result, you would hardly find any person from the Black community who would praise the family.

Willow Smith Shares Comment

Willow Smith Feels Pressurized
source: Rolling Stone

The 19-year-old Whip My Hair star Willow Smith feels ignored by the black community. Being a part of them, Willow is disturbed as their community does not accept them. In an episode, f Red Table talks about The daughter of Jada Pinkett, and willow smith stated that she and her brother feel shunned by the African American Community. She further added, “We’re not going to take pride in them because they’re too different. They’re too weird.”

Willow Smith Feels Pressurized

Willow Smith Feels Pressurized
source: Teen vogue

Willow’s grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris Said that her family members forced the entire family to change their way of living and approach. However, she somehow managed to get out of the pressure, But her grandchildren face the same force as they are growing and building their name. Jaden and Willow are in an AfriAmericansican, but they are looked up to as White Washed by their Community.

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