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Willow Smith Shocking Reaction On Mother’s ‘Affair’ With August Alsina

Willow Smith proud of her mother opening up about her 'entanglement '
Source: NY Daily News

Willow Smith Shocking Reaction On Mother’s ‘Affair’ With August Alsina: Willow Smith has opened up about her mother’ entanglement’ with August Alsina. Willow is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Opens Up About August Alsina

August Alsina, had opened up in an interview about his affair with Jada, revealing that they had been romantically involved once. As a result, Jada was forced to disclose her secret.

The rapper, even said they had the blessing of Will Smith for their affair. Jada was forced to speak out on the topic when she started to make headlines regarding the issue.

On the Red Table Talk, the couple opened up about the time when Jada was involved with Alsina. Jada described her romantic relation with August as “entanglement.”

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Further, revealing that the “entanglement” happened during her split with husband, Will Smith. Will eventually felt that his relation with Jada had ended. He said:

I felt like we could be over.”

Later, only to realise that no matter where they went, they couldn’t live without each other. Besides, Jada and Will got back together.

Though Jada claimed that the only blessing she needed was herself, disputing the rapper’s claims of Will’s approval. Also, she said that the rapper might have said it for people. So that they don’t think, “he’s not a homewrecker, which he’s not.”

Will Smith Opens Up About Her Mother

Willow Smith is not mad at Jada for going public about her past indiscretion.
During an episode of the family’s Red Label Talk, the 19-year-old began sharing her reaction about her mother and father.

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Will Smith, the father, has the candid conversation about her extramarital affair with their family friend. Willow stated that I want to put it on the table. I am so proud of you.

She said, “To be able to see you and dad do that for me that was like OK that’s the real deal. That’s real love.”

Willow also continued by saying when you can be like I am with you I’m going to stand by you and I’m going to hold your hand because I love you that’s important.

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