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Willow Smith’s Old Letter To Tupac Resurfaces On The Internet Amid Controversies Surrounding Jada-Alsina Relationship Rumours

Jada Tupac
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August Alsina Claims On Relationship With Jada Pinkett Break The Internet

Willow Smith’s Old Letter To Tupac: Internet is blazing with what August Alsina has said in an interview with Angela Yee. After years of denying all the rumours, August Alsina finally broke the news that he was in a relationship with Jada Pinkett For many years. He even claimed that Will knew about the relationship and gave his blessing for it. He also said that he has never fallen in love for anyone as he fell for Jada. The interview and Alsina’s controversial comments have become trending all over the internet. Representatives of Jada have denied the comments from Alsina.

Jada Alsina
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Jada Pinkett’s Relationship Rumours With Tupac Resurfaces Due To Willow Smith

Before marrying Will Smith in 1997, there were constant rumours that Jada and rapper Tupac had something going on. However, Tupac’s life met a tragic end when he died in 1996. He died due to a planned assassination where he was shot dead. Amid all the heat behind Alsina’s claims, Jada’s relationship link with Tupac has resurfaced. The cause of this is their daughter Willow. An old letter of Willow has surfaced again where she talks about Tupac. Jada has always denied and said that she was never in a relationship with Tupac. However, she has always maintained that they were really close.

Willow Smith's Old Letter To Tupac
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What Was Written In Willow Smith’s Letter To Tupac

The letter that is making rounds at the moment on the internet is from 2012 when Willow was only 11 years. She posted the letter at that time only to delete it afterwards. She never talked about it ever in the coming years and people forgot about it. However, looks like her past actions have brought trouble for her mother. The letter read, β€œDear Tupac, I know you are alive someplace. I think that my mommy misses you. Can you come back so mommy and I can be happy! I wish you were here… I really do! Love, Willow”.

Willow Smith's Old Letter To Tupac
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What Jada Pinkett Has Said About Tupac In The Past

Jada once said in 2019 that she remembers Tupac every single day. In 2015, Jada revealed that they tried to kiss each other once. However, they did not have any chemistry between them. She said that the kiss was horrible for both of them. Jada took it as a sign that God did not want them to be together.



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