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Windows 10 Owners Might Want To Hold Off From Updating Immediately !

Microsoft Windows 10
Source: Time24news

Windows 10 Update

Microsoft has come up with the latest update for its operating system. This update will upgrade your Windows 10 to version 2004. Microsoft released the update on May 2020. However, Microsoft is blocking the update in many of the devices, and people are not able to experience what this new update is all about. Microsoft always faces aΒ  tough time when they release an update as Windows 10Β  is installed in billions of computers with different level of specifications. So it becomes difficult for them to know the problem before the release of an update.

Microsoft Windows 10
Source: Time24news

Problems In Windows 10 Update

Microsoft has admitted that the new update has raised several issues, precisely ten. Nine of these ten problems are caused due to compatibility issues. As mentioned before, the installment of Windows in billions of computers makes it difficult for Microsoft to come up with heavy updates, as it may not be compatible with every PC. One of the problems with the update is issues with Realtek Bluetooth connections. Another problem is unexpected errors or reboots with always-on, always-connected devices, and this affects devices like Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 or Surface Laptop 3.

Damage Control By Microsoft On Windows 10 Update

The compatibility issues are preventing the update from going through various devices. Microsoft has added a warning to Windows update in devices, which are not compatible with the update. The warning says, β€œThe Windows 2020 update is on its way. We’re offering this update to compatible devices, and your device isn’t quite ready for it. Once your device is ready, you’ll see the update available on the page. There is nothing you need to do at this time.”

Microsoft Windows 10

Forcing Windows 10 Update

There is another way to update if it is not possible through Windows Update. You can update it through Microsoft’s update assistant. It even goes through the blocks imposed by Microsoft, and you will be able to force the new update on your PC or laptop. It is better that you don’t do this of Microsoft has issued a notice regarding the compatibility of the update on your device.

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