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Winston Churchill’s Photograph Disappeared From Google Search, Restored After Backlash!

Winston Churchills

Winston Churchill’s Photograph: Former UK PM Winston Churchills’s photo disappeared from the Google search results over the last weekend. When people search for “World War II Leaders”, a list of 53 leaders come out. But at the Winston Churchills’s profile, a blank box appeared. This event on Google search engine surprises the netizens drastically.

People on the Internet could not understand what possibly cause the event. Why Winston Churchills’s photo isn’t visible on the search? Later many took over the social media to outrage over the matter. And Google immediately fixed the glitch.

Winston Churchill's Photograph Disappeared

The Black Lives Matter Movement impact.

This event creates a huge curiosity at this time of rising the Black Lives Matter movement. As a protest to cruelty on a particular race, people all around the world coming together protesting. In reaction, protesters taking down the statues of racist and colonial leaders.

Winston Churchill’s Photograph: Last week, the London administration boarded up many statues of historical figures including Winston Churchills’s. This action on the anti-racism protest in the city is significant. UK’s current PM Boris Johnson addressed the event as a ‘shameful’ one. He also added it is a shame to take down Britain’s war-time leader statues are at risk. The death of African-American George Floyd creates a forefoot challenge to Britain’s imperialist past.

Winston Churchill's Photograph

Google On Response

Also, Google faced a backlash on social media for the disappearance of Winston Churchills’s picture. But on Sunday, Google apologizes for the glitch. It also said it could be a probe for the disappearance of Winston Churchills’s photo from the search. It declared an “Automatic Update” caused by the disappearance of Winston Churchills’s picture.

They created a post on Twitter. It says, “We’re well aware an image of Sir Winston Churchills is missing from the knowledge Graph entry on Google. We apologize for any of the concerns. This was not purposeful and will be resolved soon. Images in such panels are automatically created and updated in the row. During an update, it can briefly disappear.”

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